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Launch Your Own
IT Business

We offer you IT Franchise in the popular area of Web Security. You probably know that a lot of grabbers and web-crawlers scrape millions of websites every second to collect email addresses (posted on these websites) and then to send spam to them.

We have developed our products (WordPress Plugin and PHP Script for non-WordPress websites) specifically to solve this problem. Our products protect email addresses (displayed on customer’s websites), other contacts (phone numbers, messengers, social medias, etc.) and any links from detection and grabbing by web-crawlers and screen readers.

And you can do a useful and noble business of protecting customers’ websites and their contacts with our products!

Why You Should Buy Our Franchise

There are a lot of reasons for this!

Low Cost

Our IT franchise costs only $297. And we do not require any regular fees (neither monthly nor annual fees). This is the best deal on the IT franchise market!

Fast Start

You can start working and earning money immediately after purchasing the franchise. Preparing for the launch and studying the documentation takes a few hours at most. Using our products does not require any coding or desing skills. And our products have the extensive documentation with detailed screenshots and video tutorials.

Easy to Work

If your customer pays the advanced tariff (including the installation and configuration of our products by yourself), you need to do just a few clicks to install and configure them on your customer’s website. It is very easy! If your customer pays the regular tariff (without your installation and configuration), you will not have to do anything at all – in this case our product will be automatically sent to your customer’s email address immediately after payment.

Unlimited Earnings

You can earn as much as you want! Everything depends on you and your diligence. Every day you can sell an unlimited number of licenses of our products. Moreover, for all tariffs you can set any prices you want.

Huge Audience

According to official statistics, there are more than 200 millions of active websites on the Internet today. And on almost half of all these sites, email addresses and other contacts are not protected from grabbing in any way. These are all your potential customers!

Fast Growing Market

More than 250 thousands of new websites are created every day. And these numbers are constantly growing, which means that the number of your potential customers is also growing!

White Label

By purchasing our IT franchise, you will receive our products with “white label” rights. This means that you have the right to sell our products with your own names and with your own brand, as if they were your own products.

Online Business

This is an online business, i.e. it can be run on the Internet without renting an office. And it can be a home-based business.

Emotional Satisfaction

By running this business, you will receive gratitude and respect from your customers. You will bring them invaluable benefits by protecting their contact data.

Our products are already translated into the following 25 languages and can be easily translated into any other languages



Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)






















Stop wasting time! Get the Business Package now and start earning money with our Franchise!

What You Will Get with IT Business Package

Our products (with license keys) and the legal rights to sell (white label) and install them on your customers’ websites

Attractive landing pages for products

Promotional materials for products (video, images and selling texts for email marketing, social media and any advertising)

Our special script developed to search for potential customers and their contacts

Work instructions

Do You Have Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact us! You can send us a message via our Support Ticket System or by clicking on the round green button in the bottom right corner of this page.

You will receive the IT Business Package within one business day after your payment. We will send it to your email address that you entered during the payment.